How to Prepare for Your Next Home Renovation

Whether it’s time to create more space or freshen up and personalise a newly purchased home, you are about to embark on an exciting but trying journey. Home Renovations do not need to be daunting though, so long as you are prepared and aware of what is to come. In this article we will give you our top checklist items to consider and keep in mind when renovating your home.

home renovation

Deciding to Renovate

Taking the scope of works into consideration you will want to think about these aspects of a renovation before your make the decision to renovate.

  • Scope

    Is the project small enough to be complete while you live in your home or will you need to move out?

  • Budget

    Renovations almost always have unknown costs that creep up. These are not because the contractor has underquoted, but rather because there are unforeseen issues/variable that may come up during the renovation. Like the incorrect floors beneath chopped up tiles or carpets. Consider including an additional 15% to your budget to cover for these unknown.

  • Time

    Should any unforeseen variables creep up in your home renovations, the project can take longer than anticipated. Be realistic when discussing timelines with your contractor, building in additional time for issues which may arise.

  • Cleanliness

    To say renovations are dusty is an understatement. You can expect large amounts of dust. Screening the area off with plastic sheets helps but is not a guarantee. Consider if you are prepared to and able to (health wise) endure the dust for a period.

  • Planning

    If you are considering doing additional renovations in the future think about whether finances will allow you to complete these now, while the contractor is on site. It may be better to go through the trouble now, than do the whole exercise again later. By doing this you are also often able to economise on project managing, labour and material.

Starting a Home Renovation

Other than a signed contract and agreement between yourself and the contractor, there will be a few things that the contractor will also need, if not already discussed in the briefing:

  • Space for Materials

    A laydown area for material. Bulk material (Sand, bricks etc) needs an area to be stored during the project. This area needs to be level, and easily accessible for the delivery vehicles (to deliver) as well as the contractors to collect (to work). In most instances, the pavement is the best place, however the homeowner would need to apply to the local council authority for a hording permit.

  • Protected Storage

    An undercover area for cement-based products and tools. Ideally this should be inside the property which keeps equipment dry and safe from theft.

  • Electricity Connection

    Permanent power suitable for the contractor’s equipment.

  • Water Access

    Permanent supply of potable water and ablution facilities for the workers. This is a basic requirement in terms of the Health and Safety Act. If an ablution facility is not available, then a portable chemical toilet can be arranged instead.

  • Property Access

    Discuss the movement of the contractors with your contractor. Consider how they will access your property. What precautions need to be taken in terms of pets and children. Are there any specific areas you would like to avoid any movement or are there areas that are out of bounds? Will you be able to access your property with your vehicle, or will the contractor’s work impede this?

  • Estate Approval

    If you reside in a secure estate, investigate the restrictions (if any) that are imposed by the Homeowners Association.

  • Security

    Discuss security concerns. Will there ever be a time when your home is not secure overnight (example; breaking out windows doors and walls etc) and would you need to take additional measures?

  • Weather Protection

    Discuss if there ever be a time when your home is not secure from the elements, (example; the roof is removed), and would you need to take additional measures?

During a Home Renovation

While your home is being renovated you will have various workers on the property. You can expect life to be a little more tense and stressful. You can prepare yourself and your family for this by: 

  • Valuables

    Packing high-value and non-essential items away to keep your home organised.

  • Maintain Normal Life

    Try to keep your living area as “normal” as possible. If you need to store furniture/items from the area being renovated, where possible store these in an unused area or rooms. By keeping as many things as “normal” as possible you and your family will be able to cope with the renovation better.

  • Practice Patience

    Be prepared to be inconvenienced and try being patient.

  • Think Quick

    Be prepared to make “on-the-spot” decisions. Issues and unknown variables can creep up at any-time, and often will require your input fast.

  • Keep it Clean

    Keep essential cleaning equipment handy and nearby. You may need to dust and sweep your living space daily. Where possible, cover your furniture with drop sheets.

  • Stay Organised

    Stay ahead of what is required. To streamline your renovation, order your finishes before the contractor needs them.

The Jukka Renovation

Jukka Construction acknowledge the inconvenience and stresses involved with having your home converted into a building site. Thus, we manage our renovations as precisely as possible.

  • Where possible, we screen off your home from the area being renovated.
  • We take your lifestyle into consideration. Should you require us to work on specific days and hours we can schedule our teams accordingly.
  • We establish storage areas for material and discuss movement of contractors daily to ensure you always have access to and from your property.
  • Our team includes a dedicated site representative who is responsible for ensuring that the works area, storage area and property in general is kept safe and clean.
  • If you are living in the property during renovations, we ensure work is finished by midday on a Friday. This allows us to carry out a general clean up, so that your home is liveable over weekends.
  • Weekly site meetings are held to plan the work ahead.
  • A WhatsApp group is created between the owner, contractor, and other key role-players to ensure that information on site progress and schedules is communicated effectively and timeously.
  • A precise project schedule is maintained. We assist and keep clients aware of what select finishes to select as well. Taking payment and delivery into account to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Our management team are intricately involved in the renovation and will guide clients regarding best practice as well as suggestions on alternate options.

A home renovation does not need to be a daunting task, and with the right team on board, can be pleasant and exciting for your family. Read about Mark’s own experience here, where he used Jukka Construction after an unpleasant renovation experience. 

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