Bathroom Renovations
7 Ideas to Refresh your Home

bath and toilet renovation

The bathroom is the ultimate “me-time” destination in our homes and, according to studies, accounts for an estimated 813 days out of the average lifespan! That’s why bathroom renovations are some of the most popular home improvement projects for homeowners looking to improve their daily standards of living or improve house saleability.

While a bathroom isn’t the biggest room in the home, it most certainly is one of the most important, whether bachelor pad or family household. Consider our typical bathroom activities: essential self-care such as showering or bathing, shaving, applying makeup and hair-grooming and, of course, using the toilet.

If you feel that the answer to that question is a resounding “Yes!”, allow us to first impart the Top 5 Bathroom Remodelling Mistakes that befall those who fail to prepare or research prior to renovation:

  • Working without a plan or expert’s guidance

    Although bathrooms are typically small, they require a dense cluster of services. Jumping headfirst into a bathroom renovation without a plan or consulting with an expert may result in chaos, poorly informed decisions and a bathroom that doesn’t function well.

  • Repairing items that should be replaced

    Be wary of a contractor who promises to repair fixtures that have clearly outlived their intended lifespan. You’ll likely spend less money, and experience less frustration, replacing such items than having them repeatedly repaired, and repeatedly letting you down.

  • Not planning for ventilation

    One of the biggest bathroom gripes we hear about is poor ventilation. Bathrooms need to handle steam and odours and are susceptible to being stuffy, damp or smelly. When undertaking your renovation, it’s a good idea to discuss proper ventilation with your builder.

  • DIY or cheap plumbing

    Although bathrooms are typically small, they require a dense cluster of services. Jumping headfirst into a bathroom renovation without a plan or consulting with an expert may result in chaos, poorly informed decisions and a bathroom that doesn’t function well.

  • Budgeting “too small”

    Bathroom renovations notoriously grow more expensive than homeowners expect. It’s recommended to allow a contingency of at least 15% more on your budget for any surprises along the way. And if you don’t touch your contingency cash… save or decorate!

7 Big and Small Bathroom Renovations Ideas

According to local real estate experts, kitchen and bathroom renovations are deemed top factors that impact the quality of living in a home, as well as improve property saleability. You can transform your bathroom with some of these trendy bathroom renovation ideas.

💡 The fast facelift

If your bathroom is functioning well as a space but looks tired, breathing a little budget-friendly freshness into it may be all you need. Speak to a contractor about fitting new faucets or installing a new sink, retiling, repainting or undertaking a thorough re-grouting.

💡 Think outside the (shower) box

Bathroom design has entered a new era! Dare to explore exciting alternatives to cramped cleansing with modern bathroom trends like:

  • Twin showerheads for shared showering
  • Indoor-outdoor showers or baths
  • Open-room showers or trendy frameless doors
  • A luxurious ‘wet room’, incorporating an open shower and an opulent bath

💡 Don’t dump the tub

Think carefully before you decide to remove your bathtub, especially if you plan on selling your house someday. Homebuyers with families are more likely to buy a home with a bathtub for their children.

💡 Upscale your tub

So you’re keeping your bathtub, but you’re just not using it… Maybe you just need a better one! Get advice to help you find a luxurious, comfortable (and water-wise!) bathtub that will facilitate hours of soaking relaxation. You’ll thank yourself later!

💡 Stone countertops for the win

Quartz, granite and marble countertops are trendy, timeless and tough. There are countless ways to incorporate these gorgeous stone features into your bathroom remodelling. Ask your contractor which stone is best suited for your space, remembering that porous stone, like marble, may be susceptible to staining.

💡Create a feature wall

We love dramatic feature walls! This could be a bold lighting feature or a contrasting tile choice – consider wood-look tiles, intricate motifs or trendsetting hexagon, herringbone or subway tiles. Designers are pushing bathroom decor and bathroom renovations to the limits. Ask your designer or builder for bathroom remodelling ideas that make the right statement for your home.

💡Shine a little light on it

Bathroom lighting can be tricky and depends on many factors, such as the size of the room, the number of windows, and whether there is foliage or buildings outside blocking out natural light. At times, you’ll need your bathroom to be bright as day, but many contractors overdo it. Harsh, clinical lighting becomes unpleasant, particularly at night when your eyes are tired and your mind needs to rest. A smart fix for lighting is the use of mirrors, which will amplify daylight!

Your “Me-time” – Your bathroom!

Whether you’re a fan of fresh and white, and bright light, or brave enough for bold and dramatic, reach out to us for more ideas and information on what to expect from your bathroom renovation project.

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