Knowing which construction company to use for your project

There are 4 main types of construction companies. Knowing which one is best suited for your project will depend on what you want done. In this article we will point you in the right direction when choosing a contractor by discussing the different types of construction companies and what each do.

Construction companies are contracted to build the structure of a building. They specialise in various fields from industrial warehouses, commercial buildings to apartment blocks and residential houses. You also get construction companies who specialise in civil works like roads, bridges, and infrastructure projects.

Industrial/Commercial Contractor:

An industrial or commercial construction company specialises in large scale building such as office towers, shopping centres and hospitals. They are generally larger companies as well with the necessary manpower, machinery, and resources to carry out large, expensive projects. They often employ their own professionals like engineers, quantity surveyors and project managers. Commercial contractors can complete large scale projects promptly and efficiently due to their workforce size, in-house professionals, and company resources.

industrial construction companies

Recommended Projects: Office Parks, Shopping Centres, Schools and Hospitals.

Residential Construction Company:

As the name implies, a residential construction company specialises in the residential market. They do vary in size. Some can cope with large scale residential developments, while others prefer to focus on building individual residential houses from the ground up. A residential construction company is skilled and experienced in the various aspects of building a new house including which materials to use, running a project plan, and managing a large budget. They often have a project manager employed who manages all aspects of the build. He/she is also the main point of contact between all stakeholders and workers. 

Recommended Projects: Cluster or Townhouse Developments, New Home or small Office Construction, Home or small Office Renovations. 

A residential construction company is required by law to be a member of the Nation Home Builder Registration Council (NHBRC). Members of the NHBRC are authorised to build new house from earthworks to completion. A residential construction company will also employ a team of skilled artisans to carry out each phase of a project. Such as bricklayers, tilers, painters etc.  They will have the necessary network of suppliers to assist with things like kitchens, finishes and building supplies. They are also able to carry out major renovation projects due to their experience and access to engineers and architects.

A General Contractor:

A general contractor has basic construction knowledge and often works on projects with smaller budgets. They will be able to assist with general projects like boundary walls and paving. They are also better suited for maintenance projects like painting, roof repairs, waterproofing, tiling and so forth. A general contractor will have a network of plumbers, tilers, and painters etc, who they subcontract to carry out the repair. They may also be able to assist with small scale renovations which do not require the involvement of an engineer or architect. 

Recommended Projects: Home Maintenance. i.e., Repainting, Roof Maintenance, Tiling, Paving and Boundary Wall Repairs. Small Internal renovations.

A Handyman:

Like the general contractor, a handyman can do minor home maintenance projects. They are often a smaller company with the owner often doing majority of the work himself with the help of a labourer.

Recommended Projects: Minor home repairs. i.e., Painting, Gutter Clearing, Changing Lightbulbs and minor electrical or plumbing repairs.

While Jukka Construction is a Residential Construction Company, we also manage and carry out renovation projects. Our lead project manager has over 19 years experience in the residential market and has built a variety of luxury homes In Johannesburg and its surrounds.