Creating Enjoyable Home Building Experiences

Home building experiences are sometimes seen as negative. With homeowners worrying about being taken for a ride, losing money, and getting inferior results. Here is why we are passionate about making your building project positive and memorable.

positive building experiences

That new car feeling

Imagine this – you just bought your dream car. It has all the added extras, leather seats, automatic parking, sunroof, facial recognition, the works. You get home, park it and start running the entire experience through your mind. Good service delivery, you suppose. The dealer sourced the car you wanted within a week, in the right colour with all the right extras and the price was right too. But there is this nagging feeling of dissatisfaction. You didn’t like the way the dealer dealt with you. He never made eye contact, tossed the paperwork on the table for you to complete and did not even help you through the finance application. Thank goodness for your bank manager! When it was time to fetch the car, you waited for a half an hour before they found the key; then had another batch of paperwork to sign and checks to clear. They even brought you tea when you asked for coffee. The car was not wrapped in a ribbon, no bottle of champagne and to top it off, you found it parked outside in the sun! They could have cared a little at least, right?

Run of the mill promises

Home builders promise years of experience, best prices and excellent service delivery. All business do. These are excellent qualities to consider when choosing a contractor, but does it stop there? Well, we believe that experiences colour our lives. How we perceive these experiences will go a lot further than price, or service delivery promises.

Positive home building memories

When building your new home, the one you have saved and planned for, the last thing you want is to hate every step of the project. Whether it is a small, cheap renovation or a brand new, multimillion Rand project, you are investing a considerable portion of your time and money into this. The memory of this experience will stay with you for the rest of your life. The very house you live in will spark these memories from time to time, so it is important that your building experience is positive.

At Jukka we offer competitive home building prices and quality workmanship too, but our focus is your experience. You may walk away with a beautiful house, built within an efficiently run budget, but what good is it, if the experience was lousy? Every project is unique and so is every family, therefore, every experience should be customised to suit each.

"Communication is key to a pleasant and successful project."

We take the time to qualify what it is you want to achieve in your project, what time you have available and your vision for your home’s outcome. Then by balancing your desires and your budget, we can ensure that we achieve your goal. Communication is key to a pleasant and successful project. We keep you involved throughout the project. Your say is important from the start, not just when choosing finishes.

What does that look like

From the start of your project, you will receive weekly progress updates. We will notify you when it is time to look ahead and decide on specific elements, guiding you where these decisions are difficult. Where we cannot assist, we direct you to the right person who will provide various solutions. We have grown an extensive network of contractors, suppliers, designers, architects, and engineers who we have access to for additional knowledge and experience we may need on your project. You will receive regular budget updates and money spent so far, including where forecasting stands.

This plan of action ensures that you can plan your personal and work time whilst the project is running. It also eliminates any unnecessary financial pressure, or surprise costs that would normally creep up. You are better prepared to face each step of the project and ultimately enjoy the experience.

Our Advice

Avoid the disappointment of going with the car dealer who gets you a good fit quickest. Meet your home builder before signing them on and make sure you agreed with them. Get a feel for their ethics and business manner. If it doesn’t feel right, chances are it’s not.