How to Choose the Right Home Builder in 4 Easy Steps

If you are embarking on a new home or renovation project, you are wondering how to choose the right home builder. Someone who will build a secure structure with quality materials. Someone who will see your project through to completion and manage your budget and time effectively. Finding the right builder can be a bit of a process, so in this post we will give you key points to consider when choosing.

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Choosing a home builder is not always as simple as going with the one who has the most builds behind their name. It may not even be who has the most impressive website or who has the best price. The right builder for you might be different to the right builder for your neighbour.

In our experience, the right builder is someone you can get along with, whose demeanour sits well with you. Someone who you feel you can trust and who walks the talk. This person is going to be an important part of your project and impart energy to your home. You want a good energy!


First, do your research. Consider the scope of your project and what kind of builder you will need. Do you need a general builder or a home builder that manages full construction projects? Chat to your family and contacts you trust about their experiences and who they used or know of. Do a google search for a list of contractors in your city as well. Your architect may have a few to recommend too, ask about them. When going through their websites you should look at:

Depending on how involved you want to be in your project, consider what project management services they offer. Will they manage all suppliers and sub-contractors, or do you want to do that? In our experience, the less fingers in a pie the better, if your builder is able to manage all aspects and suppliers on your project, scheduling and paying them as and when needed, it will save you time and energy in the long run. There will also be a lot less room for confusion and delays.


When you have narrowed it down to a shortlist, request tenders on your plans. Consider the results and then schedule a meeting with those who have provided the most comprehensive quotes, even if they seem to be lower or higher than expected. Meet them to see who they are and what they are like. Chances are if you cannot get on with them at the beginning, you will have a long, trying project.

When you meet be sure to ask questions about:

(If you are not sure what else to ask, look at this great list from Standard Bank for important questions.)


References are an important step in the process that you do not want to miss. You want to ascertain how each reference remembers their home build experience and the builder who managed it. It is important to ask things like:


Once you have met each builder, you will want to take a day or two to think over each meeting. Go through their quotes to make sure you are comparing apples with apples. Think about how well each conversation went?

You will want to look at things like:

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Compare each builder and quote and then make an informed decision on who to appoint.

Remember the Right Home Builder will: