Three things to Consider when Choosing a Luxury Home Contractor

Building a new luxury home or renovating a tired one can be a daunting proposition. The biggest challenge?

Most definitely, choosing a luxury home contractor for the project!

choosing a luxury home contractor

Most reputable building contractors have great marketing assets, like their websites, where they can showcase their work. Of course, this doesn’t even scratch the surface of the whole story. That’s really just marketing, isn’t it? Building your dream luxury home is more intricate and nuanced, and a huge part of that is having a good relationship with your primary building contractor. You need someone who really has your back and provides a safe pair of hands to navigate the entire process for you, and with you.

You have to spend time and do your due diligence. In our experience over 19 years, Jukka has secured most of its contracts through word of mouth from satisfied clients. And for us, building a home is more than just creating something beautiful. It’s curating the whole experience for our clients, from start to finish.

These are the kind of questions that need to be asked:

  • Is this going to be a relatively seamless and frictionless process? In real life, it never is, but having the right building contractor makes it a much smoother ride.

  • Do I ‘resonate’ with my principal building contractor? Do they “get” me, and understand my needs?

  • Do they communicate and keep me in the loop all the time?

  • Do they make me aware of any problems that may arise?

  • Can they keep on budget and bring the project to a close on time?

  • Does the contractor have enough resources and contacts with co-suppliers to make the project run smoothly?

  • Do I need to manage my contractor or do I have someone that can pretty much get on with the job and produce something superb at the end?

Three Reflections for Hiring a Principal Building Contractor

‣ Experience – do a thorough background check

In the construction industry, reputation is everything. We obtain most of our projects through word-of-mouth referrals. So, get recommendations from people you know or from people whose homes you admire. This will give you a picture of the contractor’s reliability and quality of work. Check out if they have the right qualifications and adhere to the principles of their respective construction bodies. Check out reviews on the internet.

‣ Niche – find a specialist in what you need

Sure, most building contractors can build (almost) anything. However, it’s preferable to hire a specialist contractor in a niche rather than a generalist, if you really want the quality you deserve.

For instance, JUKKA niches in the high-value luxury home market, and particularly in secure estates. We don’t build office buildings, flats, or warehouses. We just build superior luxury homes. That’s our wheelhouse and where we do our best work. Whether you’re building or renovating, find a specialist who focuses on a niche that’s right for your project.

‣ Portfolio – speak to past clients and visit their homes

Meeting a building contractor for the first time is like going on a first date. Everyone puts their best foot forward and shows the best version of themselves. If you feel resonance with the contractor and their work, this is only the first step in choosing a luxury home contractor.

Ask for introductions to past clients, and reach out to them with questions about what it is like to work with the contractor. This could be the difference between getting an ulcer and having an exceptional experience throughout the process.

Asking the right questions is imperative.  Go and check out the quality of work at actual completed homes. Talk to the owners. Check out the finishes. Get a feel for the quality of workmanship. This will tell you a lot about your potential contractor.

Looking for a Great Luxury Home Contractor?

Although it might seem like a lot of work to find the right skills and experience when choosing a luxury home contractor, it’s well worth the effort so that you can enjoy total peace of mind that your project is in great hands. Because this is such a critical part of your building journey, it’s one that we’ve discussed before, and you can get even more insight in this article too.

Jukka specialises in luxury homes in secure estates, and our director has been managing stunning residential projects over the last 19 years. If you think we’re a good fit for your upcoming home construction or renovation project we welcome your call.