When Does Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Water damage and damp are two of the most common issues that can affect a property. These problems can cause structural damage and pose a health hazard to occupants, such as asthma and other respiratory conditions. In this article, we will discuss common questions about insurance cover for water damage, and rising damp, and why building maintenance is crucial to preventing these issues.

Insurance cover for water damage can be tricky, depending on the cause and source of the damage. Some policies may cover water damage resulting from sudden and accidental events, but may not cover gradual damage resulting from wear and tear.

insurance cover for water damage

Understanding How Insurance Covers Different Types of Water Damage

The following are some scenarios where insurance policies are likely to cover water damage:

However, insurance policies may not cover water damage caused by the following:

It’s important to read your insurance policy carefully to understand what is covered  and what is not. You should also consult your insurance provider to clarify any doubts and ensure that you have adequate coverage.

Do you get insurance cover for water damage as a result of damp?

Rising damp is a common issue that can cause significant harm to a building’s structure, particularly in older buildings. Rising damp occurs when moisture from the ground rises up through the walls, causing damage to the walls, floors, and internal fixtures. Unfortunately, most insurance policies do not cover rising damp because it is usually the result of long-term moisture infiltration and not a sudden and accidental event.

Rising damp is often the result of poor building maintenance, such as the failure to maintain gutters, downpipes, and drainage systems, which allow moisture to accumulate around the building’s foundation. Rising damp is often preventable through proper building maintenance, and property owners should take measures to ensure that their buildings are adequately maintained to prevent rising damp.

The importance of building maintenance

Proper building maintenance is crucial in preventing water damage and rising damp. Failure to maintain a building adequately can result in significant harm and can be costly to repair. While insurance coverage for water damage can help mitigate the financial impact, it’s always better to prevent it from happening in the first place. The following are some maintenance tips to prevent water damage and rising damp:

It’s also important to note that the climate in South Africa can contribute to the development of damp and water damage. Our country has a relatively high level of rainfall in some regions, which can lead to moisture accumulation and dampness in buildings. That’s why property owners in South Africa should take extra care to maintain their buildings to prevent water damage and rising damp.

The bottom line is that insurance coverage for water damage is subject to the cause and source of the damage. It also helps to proactively install waterproofing and damp-proofing by a specialised contractor  during the foundational phase of the property – get in touch with us if you need some guidance on identifying and repairing water damage issues.