Six Benefits of Eco-Friendly Construction

eco-friendly construction

Green building is a growing trend in South Africa, and for good reason. With the country’s mostly-mild climate and robust indigenous vegetation, eco-friendly construction methods are becoming increasingly accessible.

Furthermore, with the range of available green building materials ever-widening, incorporating a few simple environmentally-friendly construction practices can have significant benefits for homeowners, the environment, and the economy.

As the world continues to develop and discover ways to “do things better”, property owners looking to give their house a green overhaul, or build the perfect, guilt-free home, will be delighted to find that more and more options are becoming available.

The Benefits of Green Building:

Energy Efficiency

Green building techniques focus on reducing energy consumption, which can lower monthly electricity bills and reduce your overall carbon footprint. For example, using double-paned windows, insulation, and efficient heating and cooling systems can greatly reduce energy consumption.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Green building materials, such as low-VOC paints and flooring can improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of respiratory problems. (“Low-VOC” simply means that the product or material contains less ‘volatile organic compounds’, which can be harmful)

Increased Comfort

Green building techniques, such as natural ventilation and shading, can help regulate indoor temperature and improve overall comfort. Our mild South African climate and resilient indigenous landscapes put natural comfort at our fingertips.

Water Conservation

Green building methods, such as low-flow toilets and showerheads, can conserve precious water resources and save homeowners on hefty water bills.

Increased Durability

Eco-friendly construction materials, such as bamboo and engineered wood, are often more durable and longer-lasting than traditional building materials. Not only are you reducing your impact on the earth, but you’re also reducing the need for frequent repairs and expensive replacements.

Increased Property Value

Properties built using green building trends and techniques are often more valuable and in demand, making them a smart investment for homeowners.

Let’s Build Beautiful Homes that are Kind to the Earth

To incorporate green building practices into your next residential construction project, consider the following product options:

  1. Energy-Efficient Windows: Double-paned windows with low-e coatings can reduce energy consumption and improve insulation. (“Low-e” means ‘low-emissivity’. These innovative windows contain a microscopic coating that makes the window more thermally efficient)
  2. Insulation: Green insulation options, such as recycled cotton and cellulose, can improve energy efficiency and reduce waste, while still keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, all year round.
  3. Efficient HVAC Systems: High-efficiency heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems can reduce energy consumption and improve indoor air quality.
  4. Low-VOC Paints and Flooring: Breathe easily at home, using low-VOC paints and flooring to reduce indoor air pollution and improve indoor air quality.
  5. Natural Ventilation and Shading: Incorporating natural ventilation and shading, such as skylights and shading devices, can regulate indoor temperatures and improve comfort, while providing well-balanced natural daylight.
  6. Low-Flow Toilets and Showerheads: Install low-flow or low-flush toilets and water-efficient showerheads to make smart use of water and reduce your monthly utility bill.
  7. Bamboo and Engineered Wood: Incorporating sustainable building materials, like bamboo and engineered wood, can improve durability and reduce waste. They’re also high quality and aesthetically appealing!

Explore Eco-Friendly Construction with Jukka

If you’d like to explore using one or many of the above product options or building techniques to create a sustainable, energy-efficient, and comfortable living space, reach out to us! We’re passionate about finding building solutions that are both fit for your dream home and kind to the earth.