2025 Design Trends: Interior Wall Paint Colours

Colour selection plays an interesting role in creating ambience for restaurants, offices, and our personal living spaces. In 2024, interior design witnessed a surge of vibrant and eclectic interior wall paint colours, redefining home and business aesthetics. This year’s colour trends have included soothing hues like sophisticated crisp green and delicate shades of soft mauve, as well as bolder tones like warm, earthy terracottas and rich, royal reds and blues.

2025 colour trends

Apart from the visual enjoyment of a room, colour also has a psychological effect that astute interior designers will pay special mind to, when refurbishing or painting an interior.

Colour Psychology: Impact on Mood and Atmosphere

When choosing interior wall paint colours, it’s helpful to understand how colours can subtly influence our experience of each and every moment. By exploring colour psychology, we learn to understand the profound impact of different shades on our mood and well-being.

Blues and greens, for example, are known for their calming effect, making them ideal for bedrooms and places of relaxation. Vibrant yellows and oranges can promote energy and creativity, making them suitable for playrooms and offices, while red is known to boost motivation levels, but also hunger, which is why it works so well as an accessory colour in the kitchen or fast-food outlets! 

Four up-and-coming colour palettes – 2025 trends

If you’re planning to update your interior wall paint colours, you might find yourself at a hardware store staring at a wall of mini colour swatches. So, where do colour palettes come from? Each year, global paint suppliers release medleys of colour combinations – what we don’t realise is just how much science and psychological research goes into developing these palettes.

The Natural Colour System (NCS), based in Stockholm, is a world leader in colour innovation and largely instrumental in influencing the hues and tones that reach the marketplace. Anticipating the year to come, the NCS has released its colour trend directions for 2025. This could come in handy when designing cutting-edge, contemporary interiors that possess a sense of longevity.

While many perceive ‘earthy tones’ as warm colours, the colour palette Gaia sees the earth as a whole, a part of the greater cosmos – the little blue-green planet that sustains life.

The Gaia combination incorporates a variety of oceanic blues, neutral and restful greens, and a soft cream reminiscent of the sun glittering off the sea’s surface. Gaia pairs well with wooden surfaces and other bio-friendly building materials.

The NCS offers a fitting description of this colour blend, saying, “We strive to express a feeling of connection and hope by bridging our opposites.”

On & Off braves extreme colour contrasts, positioning plummy purples and violets – which embody feelings of rich emotion and energy – alongside a luminous green-yellow, which pops in against any setting. The palette is supported by purple-tinted whites and warm off-whites. On & Off is suitable for enticing, dramatic lounge interiors, and works well with dark stone surfaces.

The Inner colour palette allows you to retract from the harsh environment of a skeptical, divisive world, and find solace in a variety of warm and comforting colours. Inner offers a timeless feeling of being at home, with earthy browns and sun-baked reds, gently contrasted by a gorgeous golden ochre and pale, muted violet.

Inner is effective in creating a sense of peace and rest in the bedroom or living room, and is well-matched with natural textiles and organic wooden features.

The NCS developed the Ethereal colour palette to introduce low chromatic, airy colours that are both abstract and playful – other-worldly, delicate hues entice us to dream.

Ethereal embodies a high-tech mood with a human touch. It uses soft, light purples, dusty pinks, and almost-white blues with silvery undertones. The palette is brought to life with an exuberant red or orange, like coral. Ethereal works well in both offices and bathrooms and is further enhanced through the use of mirrors and silver, nickel, or pewter features.

Ensuring the Best Application and Paint Guarantees

Browsing for that perfect colour can be exciting! Before applying new interior wall paint colours to your home, remember that choosing the right paint and ensuring the best application will offer greater assurances of the longevity of your chosen paints.

  1. Opt for high-quality paints that offer durability and colour consistency.
  2. Many reputable brands guarantee their products – only when you can prove that the product was properly applied.

Jukka Construction partners with South Africa’s leading paint supplier, and all our painters undergo thorough training to ensure that you enjoy these product and workmanship guarantees.