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Kitchen and Bathroom  Revamps

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Complete a contact form, call us, or send an email with details of your project. We will then get in touch to set up a meeting.

Send Plans

If you already have architectural plans, send us a copy. This will help us familiarise ourselves with your project. Not to worry if you dont, we will take measurements when we meet.


Each renovation and alteration is unique. So we will meet you on site to discuss your ideas, assess the scope of work and take necessary measurements.


Once we have the plans or measurements, we can provide an obligation free quote. Quotes can take up to 14 working days as there are various suppliers and costings involved.

What do we do?

Do you want to add a new patio or build on additional rooms? We can help. We manage all office and home renovations. We are able to advise on best practices and give realistic timelines. If your project requires the input of an architect or engineer, we will facilitate this a part fo the process as well. 

Give your home an instant face-lift by revamping your kitchens and bathrooms. By updating these rooms you can add instant value to your home. We plan our renovations to ensure smooth completion with as little interruption as possible. Making the most of time and materials, we save costs where possible.

Regular maintenance on your home is vital to avoid major issues. This includes repainting the inside, outside, and roof. Our painting team’s work with precision and care. We can assist with various applications and product ranges as well. 

We can assist with the selection and installation of your preferred floors. Tiling. Carpeting. Concrete Screed. Wooden Flooring, Vinyl.

Home Renovations and Alterations

Execution is key to the success of any renovation. So, we maximize on time, materials and space to ensure a smooth project. Our teams work efficiently, creating as little disruption where possible.

We believe in walking you through each step of the journey. Keeping you updated on site progress and ahead of any decisions you may need to make. We guarantee a well-coordinated, professional and relaxed renovation.

Our Guarantee

  • Communication

    We have an open door policy that encourages regular contact. This keeps all parties involved aware of the projects progress.

  • Budget

    Projects are run on precise budgets with controlled processes and payments.

  • Control

    Tried and tested project plans that optimise on time and costs where we can.

  • Completion

    We plan and execute each step of our projects timely. This helps to complete each project on time.

  • Quality

    Each step of our projects are well planned. We monitor our sites daily. We source quality building materials for each project.

  • Satisfaction

    We strive to leave you with a positive and memorable building experience.

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